The Pinay Expat

Hello! Welcome and so nice to [virtually] see you landing on this site. Hi, you can call me Grace. I left the Philippines and became an official “seeker of the Greener Pasteur” at 24. I know being in a foreign land the first time can be daunting sometimes. I remember feeling drowned from the ‘sea of the unfamiliar,’ from ‘Google-ing’ where to buy “Eden Cheese,” to video-calling my parents on how to cook “Sinigang na Baboy.” Since the good old days of 2017 (the first time I arrive in the UK), I came to find the hacks and tricks of abroad living. I hope you find my experiences and all the whatnots I have shared here helpful in knowing more of London (the UK or abroad) living. Join me in discovering the exciting adventures of London, and the rest of the world.


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