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My name is Grace, the Filipina expat who left the tropics for the greener pasture at 24.

Not long ago, I was like you, worrying about how to fit in three years of my life in a 46-kg luggage bag, when I first flew off to the UK. Now, I found my way around juggling work and life balance, constantly changing weather and London’s hustle-bustle.
I know moving can be challenging. That’s why I wanna help you get off to a flying start. The Pinay Londoner, translated as “The Filipina Londoner,” is a hub full of guides, tips, and personal experiences of living as an expat in the United Kingdom. Stick around and discover what you need to know in making the UK your second home. Talk to you soon!

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Move to the UK

Jumpstart your move as an expat to the UK by knowing the visa requirements, tips on IELTS, and what to expect as a newbie.

Life in the UK

Articles about day-to-day living as an expat in the UK. Check out information about the cost of living, places to live, the healthcare system, transport, etc.

Work in the UK

Get to know all about jobs in the UK: check on the average income, the holiday and sickness leave and important information on your payslip.

Save Money in the UK

Includes useful tips in helping you take control of your finances, earn money and build up savings while living in the UK. All these, to make sense of every penny.

Travel In The UK And Beyond

Know where to travel in London, the UK, and Europe. Plus, find some information on Schengen and UK Tourist Visa requirements

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Save Money in the UK
Grace Armonio Nieves

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Some high street banks in the UK even complicate the journey to financial freedom, by being so not budget-planning friendly. Unlike other banks, Monzo has a lot of ways in helping you to take control of your spending by organizing your budget, while letting you save money efficiently too!

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